This Day in AI Podcast is a podcast all about AI. It's an hour-long conversation on the influence and rise of AI in technology and society. Hosted by Michael and Chris Sharkey.

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EP52: The Groq Breakthrough, Google's Gemma 7B, Unlimited Context, Can 'Magic' Reason?

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EP51: OpenAI's Sora, Gemini Pro 1.5 10M Context, ChatGPT Memory, GraphRAG, ChatRTX, Microsoft UFO...

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EP50: We Bet $1000 Using Gemini Advanced, Qwen1.5 72B, Retell AI, Apple's MGIE & GOODY-2

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EP49: Our Big Announcement + GPT-4 Update, Code Llama, LLaVA-1.6, YOLO World, EAGLE-7B & Bard Images

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EP48: Llama3 Confirmed, Elevenlabs Voice Dubbing, Prompt Compression, Does RAG Make ChatGPT Worse?

Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support of the podcast.This week we discuss Mark Zuckerberg confirming Llama 3, road test Elevenlabs Voice Dubbing, the state ...

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