EP40: Open AI Dev Day Recap: Custom GPTs, GPT-4 Turbo, Assistants API Discussion & Test Drive

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Dive into the riveting world of AI development with Mike & Chris and their deep dive into OpenAI's latest offerings, including the much-anticipated GPTs. From the technical nitty-gritty to the potential for monetization, this podcast peels back the layers of AI's future. The bros hands-on experience with creating custom AI models reveals the reality behind the hype, offering a candid look at the promises versus the actual deliverables in the AI industry. Whether you're an AI aficionado or a tech enthusiast, this episode is your front-row seat to the unfolding narrative of AI's capabilities and its impact on the tech landscape.


00:00 - Recap & Thoughts on Custom GPTs, GPT "Apps", GPT Store and Future GPTs
38:41 - GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4 Vision & 128k Context Possibilities
50:43 - GPT-4 Vision as part of GPT-4 Turbo API
53:54: Fine Tuning Models for Speed & Cost
56:09 - Assistants API: Vendor Lock In?
58:06 - Wrapper Apps, GPT discoverability and Monetization of GPTs
1:08:54 - Was GPT3.5 Default 16k Turbo The Biggest Announcement?
1:12:53 - OpenAI TTS Text To Speech Voices: Better than Eleven Labs & PlayHT?
1:15:35 - What Google Would Need to Deliver with Gemini to Win Back Devs
1:15:50 - Fine Tuning Custom GPT Models for Custom GPTs
1:18:38 - GPT-4 Fien Tuning Experimental Access
1:22:16 - Is a UI SDK next for Custom GPTs?
1:24:34 - Custom Trained Models from OpenAI for $2-3M
1:25:57 - Will Hardware Kill OpenAI? Is Hardware Distribution Key for Apple and Google to Win Long Term?
1:30:42 - Other AI News from the Week: GitHub CoPilot AI First & GH200s

EP40: Open AI Dev Day Recap: Custom GPTs, GPT-4 Turbo, Assistants API Discussion & Test Drive
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