EP26: Software Teams Replaced for $1.40, Doctors Out-Diagnosed, Meta's Audio Craft, ChatGPT Updates

This week we dive into the brave new world of AI agents teaming up to do real work - from building video games to diagnosing patients! But will these digital workforces put humans out of jobs? We discuss the AI takeover of industries like medicine and software, plus exciting updates like AI-generated music and Google giving their Assistant a complete AI makeover. 

We also cover Meta's Audio Craft, Med-Flamingo, GPT-5 Trademark and Rumors, and The SF Compute Company.

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00:00 - Self-Diagnosing Medical Problems Is Here
00:28 - MetaGPT: Multi-agent Collaborative Framework and The Multi-Agent Future
11:39 - Will Agents Replace Software in the Future?
14:59 - The flood of new LLMs
20:09 - Med-Flamingo: Have Virtual Doctors Arrived?
34:06 - Martin Shkreli's Dr. Gupta & Disrupting Medical Diagnosis
38:45 - Everyone is Using AI Already for Medical Diagnosis
39:29 - Focusing on Higher Level Work
40:53 - Meta's Audio Craft: Create Sounds and Music with Open Source AI
44:53 - Will Spotify Cut Out Artists to Increase Profits with AI Music?
48:07 - Will Entrenched Professionals Slow Down the Benefit of AI?
51:37 - ChatGPT Updates: GPT-4 as Default, Suggested Replies, Prompt Examples, Stay Logged In!
 57:05 - The San Francisco Compute Group: The A100 Cooperative!
1:00:42 - GPT-5 Trademark has been registered!
 1:01:48 - Google Assistant Powered by AI LLM Leaked in Letter
1:05:02 - The Future of Websites: LLMs for Businesses and Brands

EP26: Software Teams Replaced for $1.40, Doctors Out-Diagnosed, Meta's Audio Craft, ChatGPT Updates
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