LIVE: Reaction to OpenAI DevDay, Opening Keynote

This is a recording of the live event on YouTube following the OpenAI DevDay keynote. We'll be back with a regular episode later this week.

Sharkey and Sharkey amped up on caffeine live react to OpenAI's latest announcements. Cost reductions, larger models, and an app store?! The duo banter and bicker about whether this marks excitement or irrelevance for devs like you. Plus Elon Musk teases a GPT-style model without the handcuffs - does this spell trouble for Big Sam? Sharkey and Sharkey think out loud and solicit hot takes from listeners on the implications.

We cover:
  • All the news from OpenAI DevDay
  • Reactions from our community
  • xAI Grok (briefly)
  • GPTs and the GPT store
LIVE: Reaction to OpenAI DevDay, Opening Keynote
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