Llama 2 Unleashed, Open-Source Vs OpenAI, Instructions for ChatGPT & Fine Tuning with Llama2 | EP24

In Episode 24 we discuss the release of Llama 2, what it means for the open-source community, developers and the future of AI LLMs with it being commercially available. We discuss what threat open-source models now pose to the business models of OpenAI and others, and also take a look at Instructions for ChatGPT. We have a long discussion on fine tuning smaller models and cover news including Google's Generative AI Enterprise Search product, Bing Enterprise Chat, AppleGPT rumors and finally end with the state of AI startups, fundraising, VC and what makes good AI investment.

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00:00 - Lizard Man is now a Hero (cold open)
00:49 - Meta’s Llama 2 release and what it means
21:18 - Llama 2 alignment, Is fine tuning just censorship?
27:02 - What is Meta’s strategy with Llama 2? Will it hurt OpenAI?
31:56 - OpenAI fears GPT-4 Vision will offend someone
40:40 - ChatGPT Plus Users get GPT-4 Rate Limits Doubled
41:56 - ChatGPT Custom Instructions
46:15 - Does Llama Threaten OpenAI with Smaller Refined Fine Tuned Models?
54:39 - Google’s Generative AI Enterprise Search (Gen App Builder) Announcement
56:16 - Microsoft’s Bing Chat Enterprise
1:02:19 - AppleGPT “AJAX” rumor
1:05:49 - The State of AI Startups, VC and fundraising
1:12:32 - AI LOLs & Memes


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Llama 2 Unleashed, Open-Source Vs OpenAI, Instructions for ChatGPT & Fine Tuning with Llama2 | EP24
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